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Ultrashield Corporation are world-leading developers and manufacturers of innovative chemicals and industrial solutions for permanently converting glass, ceramics and other building products into Ultraclean Materials™ that are:

  • Repellent to water, mud & greasy deposits (just like water off a duck's back)
  • 'Non-stick' to dirt, grime and limescale (just like a 'non-stick' frypan)
  • Protected to shield against long-term staining, etching and corrosion.


Based on proven German technology, but incorporating the latest international advances in nanotechnology, Ultrashield Corp is the first company to offer a genuine lifetime warranty, when used in conjunction with our unique EVERSHIELD after-care products.


By making surfaces stay clean longer (repellent) and much easier to clean ('non-stick'), we help shower, glass, ceramics and other manufacturers to add significant value to their products, clearly differentiate them against those of competitors, and build brand loyalty.

This facilitates increased sales at higher margins. Unlike legacy solutions, Ultrashield Corp's next generation technology is priced at a level that makes it ideal to be implemented as standard across a manufacturer's entire product range.


Our solutions also help consumers save up to 90% on cleaning time, while reducing the use of environmentally harmful cleaning chemicals and cutting down on water, energy and CO2 emissions associated with cleaning.

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Ultrashield Corporation are the first manufacturer to offer a genuine lifetime performance guarantee for glass converted by a certified applicator and used in conjunction with the after-care program. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ is as durable as normal glass and the effect can only be removed through physically damaging the glass surface. Get the Facts...


Currently the only practical and cost-effective way to achieve a self-organising hydrophobic layer one molecule thick with chemicals is through the sol-gel process. Get the Facts...


Covalent bonding between (silicon dioxide) glass molecules and the converter chemicals can only be achieved with a nano-scale product one molecule thick, incorporating bonding and functional (repellent) components. Get the Facts...


Currently only products utilising strong covalent bonding with the glass can achieve such industrial quality durability and performance. Get the Facts...


Abrasion testing is an industry-standard method for evaluating durability used in the coatings industry worldwide. Washability testing involves adding water or cleaning chemicals during abrasion testing, which closely mimics the normal cleaning process used to remove limescale from shower glass. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ CONVERTER offers up to 100 times the durability of traditional silicone and fluorocarbon-based coating technologies in abrasion/washability testing. Get the Facts...


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