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shower_glass_productionOur Ultraclean Glass™ CONVERTER product is ideal for shower manufacturers who are looking to add significant value to their products and differentiate them from competitors through a unique glass product they can brand themselves. Cost-effective and highly durable, our solution is easy to apply and does not require high initial investments.


Shower enclosure companies can benefit from Ultraclean Glass™ by:

Adding Value

Research shows that a shower which is guaranteed to be permanently easier to clean is highly valued by consumers (much greater than the cost of Ultraclean Glass™).


Showers permanently protected from staining and haziness by incorporating Ultraclean Glass™ provide a very clear point of differentiation from those of competitors.

Branding Opportunities

Ultrashield Corp offers shower companies a range of valuable new branding opportunities starting with the Ultraclean Glass™ product/protection itself. To make your showers really stand out from the competition, certified applicators can offer the unique EVERSHIELD Lifetime Protection that allows you to offer your own branded consumer after-care product, free booster application pack, and an included lifetime warranty. For shower manufacturers this equates to more sales at higher margins, and to customers who become more loyal to your unique branded offerings.


Our manufacturing process solutions range from a simple low-cost application method for just a few hundred showers a month, to highly automated solutions capable of treating tens of thousands of shower sets each month.


With decades of experience in the shower industry worldwide, we offer free training for your production staff, as well as those in sales, marketing and customer service. We also encourage you to use our literature, take up our offer to present Ultraclean Glass™ at in-house events or industry tradeshows, or to contact one of our specialists who will be happy to answer all your questions. Finally, we can help you win new accounts and business, through convincing demonstrations of the technology and its permanent durability that support your sales efforts.

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Ultrashield Corporation are the first manufacturer to offer a genuine lifetime performance guarantee for glass converted by a certified applicator and used in conjunction with the after-care program. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ is as durable as normal glass and the effect can only be removed through physically damaging the glass surface. Get the Facts...


Currently the only practical and cost-effective way to achieve a self-organising hydrophobic layer one molecule thick with chemicals is through the sol-gel process. Get the Facts...


Covalent bonding between (silicon dioxide) glass molecules and the converter chemicals can only be achieved with a nano-scale product one molecule thick, incorporating bonding and functional (repellent) components. Get the Facts...


Currently only products utilising strong covalent bonding with the glass can achieve such industrial quality durability and performance. Get the Facts...


Abrasion testing is an industry-standard method for evaluating durability used in the coatings industry worldwide. Washability testing involves adding water or cleaning chemicals during abrasion testing, which closely mimics the normal cleaning process used to remove limescale from shower glass. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ CONVERTER offers up to 100 times the durability of traditional silicone and fluorocarbon-based coating technologies in abrasion/washability testing. Get the Facts...


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