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EVERSHIELD After-care Cleaner & Maintainer. Subscription includes free booster and a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on the Ultraclean Glass™ protection.

Glass corrosion and permanent glass staining can now be prevented indefinitely. The EVERSHIELD After-care Cleaner and Maintainer is the best way to clean and maintain the water-repellent and non-stick effects of your Ultraclean Glass™ shower. Subscription to the system also comes with a free booster application pack every 5 years (to maintain the factory-specification repellent performance), and an included liftime performance guarantee on the Ultraclean Glass™ protection. The EVERSHIELD After-care Cleaner and Maintainer prevents any permanent damage to glass that some harsh regular cleaners can cause. It is also a value-for-money cleaner that can be used to clean other glass and bathroom surfaces in addition to Ultraclean Glass™.


EVERSHIELD Lifetime Protection = After-care Cleaner & Maintainer subscription + free Booster every 5 years + included Lifetime Performance Guarantee + Certified Manufacturer/Applicator.


EVERSHIELD Lifetime Protection is only available on products from manufacturers and applicators certified by Ultrashield Corporation, and that incorporate genuine Ultraclean Glass™.


Protect the pristine beauty and value of your Ultraclean Glass™ forever by subscribing to the EVERSHIELD Lifetime Protection. You will receive the EVERSHIELD After-care Cleaner and Maintainer every six months, the EVERSHIELD Booster application pack for free every five years, and a Lifetime Performance Guarantee on the Ultraclean Glass™ protection. To subscribe and register your performance guarantee now, visit: www.ultracleanglass.com


How often will I receive the EVERSHIELD After-Care Cleaner & Maintainer?
Every six months. The 500ml bottle is enough to clean, protect and maintain your shower featuring Ultraclean Glass™ for six months on average.


Can bottles be purchased individually?
No, regular use of the EVERSHIELD After-Care Cleaner & Maintainer is what helps protect and maintain the as-new sparkling beauty forever. This along with the free booster applicator every 5 years makes the Lifetime Performance Guarantee possible. However, current subscribers can order additional bottles.


How much does it cost?
It is available in different currencies in different countries and regions worldwide. Please refer to the consumer subscription and warranty registration website: www.ultracleanglass.com


Can I cancel my subscription anytime?


Can the After-Care Cleaner & Maintainer be used as a cleaner on normal glass?
Yes. It is suitable for almost all glass and bathroom surfaces. However it is not recommended for aluminium, marble, limestone or other natural stone surfaces.


How often do I have to use the booster applicator?
Subscribers will receive the booster applicator, included free with their after-care program subscription, every 5 years. However it only needs to be applied when the repellent and non-stick effect eventually diminishes. Depending on the amount of usage and cleaning, the booster may only require application every 10 years or more to maintain that new factory-specification performance.


How long does it take to apply the booster applicator?
Typically around 10 minutes as part of the normal cleaning process. This is only recommended once every 5-10+ years to maintain the as-new performance of your Ultraclean Glass™. Simple instructions are provided.


Can a Lifetime Performance Guarantee be purchased separately?
No, usage of the correct maintainence product is required to ensure no damage is caused to the glass by regular cleaners, and the booster applicator included free with the subscription ensures that Ultraclean Glass™ will remain protected and beautiful forever. The maintainer and booster is what enables offering a unique lifetime performance guarantee on the Ultraclean Glass™ protection.


What payment options do you offer?
Depending on the country, credit cards, Cash-On-Delivery (COD), and AliPay are popular options.

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Ultrashield Corporation are the first manufacturer to offer a genuine lifetime performance guarantee for glass converted by a certified applicator and used in conjunction with the after-care program. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ is as durable as normal glass and the effect can only be removed through physically damaging the glass surface. Get the Facts...


Currently the only practical and cost-effective way to achieve a self-organising hydrophobic layer one molecule thick with chemicals is through the sol-gel process. Get the Facts...


Covalent bonding between (silicon dioxide) glass molecules and the converter chemicals can only be achieved with a nano-scale product one molecule thick, incorporating bonding and functional (repellent) components. Get the Facts...


Currently only products utilising strong covalent bonding with the glass can achieve such industrial quality durability and performance. Get the Facts...


Abrasion testing is an industry-standard method for evaluating durability used in the coatings industry worldwide. Washability testing involves adding water or cleaning chemicals during abrasion testing, which closely mimics the normal cleaning process used to remove limescale from shower glass. Get the Facts...


Ultraclean Glass™ CONVERTER offers up to 100 times the durability of traditional silicone and fluorocarbon-based coating technologies in abrasion/washability testing. Get the Facts...


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